Website Hosting Solutions


We get you on the web.The BitWorks, Inc provides hosting for websites, with a full ranges of services to including e-mail, domain registration and management, website development and server management services.  We provide hosting environments and management services on both Linux and Microsoft server platforms, allowing you to host your website on either the IIS or Apache web server platform.

While we have standard hosting “plans”, the majority of our sites hosted have a variety of specialized configurations that allowing you to get what you need from your hosting environment.  We specialize in everything from the complex environment involving multiple servers, sites and applications and especially to the first time website owner who needs guidance and lots of hand holding.

Our hosting capabilities encompass a wide spectrum of technologies.  We have the capability to do everything from pWe provide hosting on both Linux and Windows Platformsroviding a basic website to offering specialized database services such as MySQL, SQL and PostgreSQL.  If you have a specialized need not mentioned here  —  call us — we probably provide it already, can provide it or have the knowledge to refer you to a good provider.

Based in Taylors Falls, Minnesota,  The BitWorks provides technology solutions designed to work for you.  We manage websites and webservers for customers world-wide.