About The BitWorks, Inc


We believe that our website hosting service surpasses that of other providers for several reasons; the most important being that we have our own Internet properties that we host on each of our web servers. If there is a problem, we feel it and we fix it. We rise above others because we are flexible; we implement a variety of technologies on our Internet properties which has expanded the capabilities of our servers to provide lots of hard to find functionality. Probably the most important difference in the hosting services we offer;  it isn’t very far to the top of the company at The BitWorks Inc. and it’s not hard to get our attention, this is important when you’re having a problem but even more important when you’re trying to build a solution that accomplishes your business goals.

We have a variety of website hosting plans available through The BitWorks. These plans range from a very simple hosting platforms for just a couple of bucks a month to e-commerce systems that offer business the functionality and reliability to build a robust online venture.

Our website hosting solutions are all based on both Microsoft/IIS and Linux/Apache platforms and we are able to accommodate most types of websites, even offering support for PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, ASP and ASP.net. We employ a variety of database solutions including MySQL, MS SQL, and MS-Access on our servers and we can even install custom software or server services for our customers who need a special solution. We are also qualified system engineers who have worked in a variety of industries supporting Internet infrastructure, websites and support operations over a period of 25 years. We can help you develop a hosting solution that satisfies your business needs.