Hosting Capabilities


Website Hosting Capabilities

At The BitWorks, we have built a robust hosting environment that meets the varied needs of our customers and we are confident we can build a package with the website hosting capabilities that you need.  We work with you and your designer to accommodate your requirements and build that into a custom package and at the same time keep that affordable to you.

The Mumble Jumble

If your a website owner, we know your waiting for it…the mumble jumble tech speak that talks about this software, that service, a new standard.  Well it’s all of the little pages that are listed below this one.   But we want you to rest assured that we know you want to spend time doing what you do and not hearing about what we do.  You want to be confident that you are working with the pros that know how this is done and that you are being taken care of.  That is US!

So if you want to know about all of the ins and outs, geek speak and other vastly interesting technical gobbley-gook keep reading, but rest assured that we keep your best interests in mind.  We know that you want to know that your website is working for your business, is safe for your customers and gives you the technical edge you need.  That is what were here for.

The Big Questions

Microsoft or Linux?

We have both types of servers, monitored daily and kept up to date with the latest technology and security patches.  We offer IIS 6.0 and 7.0 on our Microsoft environment and Apache  on our Linux environment.


On our Microsoft environments we offer Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and in our Linux environments we offer MySQL and PostgesSQL.  Will we consider offering another database if you need it – you betcha.  We also offer cross-server database access if your technical, performance or redundancy requirements call for that.

Interpreters / Engines / Programming Support?

In our Microsoft environment we offer PHP, ColdFusion, ASP and all that .NET stuff.  In our Linux environment we offer PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl just to name a few.  Need something else, well we can get you hooked up right away.


Included for all accounts.  Every account has on-server backup nightly, we backup off-site weekly.


Yes, e-mail and webmail come with every account.

Spam Prevention?

We do our best to remove as much as possible and rely on a 3 level system that is pretty effective.  We spend more time filtering spam than any other support activity.


Yes, regular scans of the entire server, nightly scans of website directories and scanning of every e-mail coming through the system (in and out).

We do our best to remove as much as possible and rely on a 3 level system that is pretty effective.  We spend more time filtering spam than any other support activity.


Yes, an add on for every package and we even offer wild card SSL.  Already have a cert?  Those are welcome too.

Help Me Setup E-mail?

Yes, we offer a free 20 minute remote support session to get your e-mail working with our hosting services and we can generally get you connected with FTP at that time as well.

Do you host?

  • Standard HTML Sites – Yes
  • WordPress Sites – Yes
  • Joomla Sites – Yes
  • Database Driven Sites – Yes
  • Dot Net Store Front – Yes
  • SSL Sites – Yes
  • PHP Sites – Yes
  • Custom Programmed Sites – Yes
  • Drupal Sites – Yes
  • Shopping Carts – Yes
  • Viart E-Commerce Sites – Yes