Hosting Plans


Looking for simple hosting, The BitWorks offers a two hosting plans that will fulfill the needs of most people. We also create customized plans for those people who need a special environment, enhanced support options or something more for their website.

Basic Hosting Plan

Our basic hosting plan gets you on the web with what you need at a reasonable price.  Sufficient for most personal use sites and smaller business sites this plan is meant to provide you with a quality web presence and includes all of the standard features you would expect from a website.

This plan comes with all of the standard features you expect including FTP access to upload files, e-mail for your domain name and even web-mail allowing you to get at your messages from anywhere you can connect to the Internet.  If you need just a bit more oomph to host a bit bigger site or need PHP, MySQL or database support consider our Basic+ hosting plan.

Basic + Hosting Plan

Our basic hosting plan gets you everything you need for a standard website, Basic + gives you the programming and database features that you need to “take it to the next levPHP and MySQL database support with Basic +el”.  Basic + is designed for hosting WordPress blogs, joomla sites and PHP based programming and applications.  So if you want to operate your own blog, website application or personalized contact form, this is the plan for you.  Basic + is the plan you need to create a WordPress website.

This plan comes with all of the standard features that you would need including web mail, FTP access, e-mail on your domain name along with a PHP enabled web environment and a MySQL database and more space to accommodate your database and e-mail accounts.  The majority of our accounts use the Basic + package as their website configuration starting point, but there are many more options available to you.

Ala Cart Hosting Components and Pricing

We know that everyone is different and needs are never the same.  Find your basic plan, check out our Ala cart pricing and build something just for you.  Don’t forget to give us a call we can likely help with the process.