Business Hosting Plan


When It Gets Busy

Business hosting packages from The BitWorks are designed to keep you technology working for you no matter what size you are.  Our business hosting packages include the capabilities, bandwidth, storage and e-mail accounts necessary to keep your business running at “web speed” that won’t fall down when the going gets busy.  Here is how we help your business keep on top of the game and in front of your customers:

Business Hosting Packages

4GB Storage Space / 4 GB Data Transfer.

25 e-mail accounts, 5 subdomains or spam reducing store and forward services to your onsite mail servers.

Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails on Linux Servers.

Perl, ColdFusion, ASP.NET on IIS Servers.

Up to 5 databases (SQL, MySQL or Access) with clustered and cross-server functionality.

Nightly off-site backup.

Your own control panel.

Up to 60 minutes of remote support to get you going on your site.

Business Hosting Pricing:

Linux based packages starting at: $380 per year or $35.00 per month

Microsoft based packages starting at: $480 per year or $45.00 per month.

Custom Is Not Our Middle Name, But It is How We Do Hosting

We know that if you have business hosting requirements that they will likely be unique and not fit any sort of package.  Our goal is to work with you to build the package that is right for you.  Our goal is to build a package that meets your needs without having you pay for lots of extras that you don’t need.  In addition, you might have requirements for special software, extensions or modules that are unique or maybe you have a completely custom environment that needs to be configured.  We encourage you to contact us about those needs and we will put together a configuration for you that fits and works.