ColdFusion Hosting Plan


ColdFusion – ASP.NET and SQL!

Similar to our basic plus plan for Linux we have a ColdFusion plan for our Microsoft servers that gets you the capabilities you need on a stable Microsoft server and still at a reasonable price. Perfect for small business sites that incorporate custom ColdFusion or ASP.NET programming, this plan gives you that capability plus a wide selection of database software to use for dynamic data storage.

This plan comes with all of the standard features you expect including FTP access to upload files, e-mail for your domain name and even web-mail allowing you to get at your messages from anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

ColdFusion Hosting Plan includes:

1GB of storage space for website and e-mail.

3 e-mail Accounts (Outlook & Web-mail Accessible).

A single database (SQL, Access, MySQL) and ColdFusion DSN.

Separate application pool.

Web-mail allowing you to access your mail from any Internet connected web browser.

20 minute remote support session to help you get connected.

Your own control panel for your hosting account.

Microsoft IIS hosting includes support for Microsoft Expressions Web & Microsoft FrontPage.

ColdFusion Hosting Plan Costs:

Microsoft based hosting – $275.00 (paid yearly) or $15.00 (paid monthly).

We allow you to customize this hosting plan so your final cost may vary + or – based on features added or removed to meet your specific needs.