Ala Cart Components and Pricing


Nobody is the Same

We know that none of our clients is the same and most of our hosting clients have unique needs that we accommodate by building a hosting package just for them.  We use our Ala cart hosting components to build these packages, starting with the lowest common denominator package and adding on additional features.  Here are some of the components and pricing that we offer:

SSL Certificates – We resell Geotrust and Rapid SSL Certificates and provide you with the same pricing available on their website.  Prices for Geotrust certs range from $199 to $499, Rapid SSL Certs range from $79 to $199.  We do support wild card certificates.  We also work with you to get the right certificate for your business.  An SSL Certificate requires that you have a dedicated or private IP address.

Domain Names – Domain names are $16.00 per year, with multi-year discounts available.

Sub-domains – Host additional sub-domains under your main domain name – $15.00 per year, per domain.

Mail Enabled Subdomain – Most often used to support scanners and devices that need IMAP or POP email support, includes up to 5 email addresses.  Can be used to work in conjunction with an Office 365 / Hosted Exchange Account.  $65.00 per year

Dedicated / Private IP Address – An IP address dedicated to your website.  $25.00 per year.

Additional Database – $15.00 per year (SQL, MySQL)

Remote Database – A database hosted on another server for added performance and redundancy.  $30 per year (MySQL Only) .

Clustered Database – MySQL Only, we configure fault tolerant redundant databases on two servers. $60.00 per year.

Additional 1GB Space / 1GB Transfer – Ups the capacity limit on your website. – $25.00 per year

5 e-mail Addresses – Additional connections for your company – $25.00 per year.

Store and Forward E-mail Services – Route your e-mail through our hosting environment, provides redundancy when you are down and filters all of your e-mail from spam and virus’s.  This is also available without a hosting account – $50.00 per year.

Domain Alias Redirecting – Allows you to redirect as many domain names as you want at the same website. $25.00 for 10 domains.

SEO Redirects – Specialized hosting that allows you to redirect your keyword rich domain name to your main site and gain search engine ranking or placement – $65.00 per year, per domain.

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