Spam Blocking


Best Practices Spam Filtering

At The Bitworks, we only allowing the receipt of e-mails from properly configured mail servers according to Internet RFC 2505.  No longer do we accept connections from dynamically issued internet (IP) addresses.  No longer do we accept connections from default named hosts on the internet.  No longer do we accept messages from incompletely configured servers.  No longer do we accept messages from bulk mail senders who refuse or are unable to clean up their mailing lists.  We do have facilities in place to allow non-compliant hosts and servers through our filtering system, but we need to be notified in advance to assure deliverability.

For the large part this change has been successful and eliminated lots of spam.  That means that our follow-on spam systems that examine the messages after receipt can do a better job and it means much less load on our systems.  We think this means a better service for our customers.

Additionally, we added features in our spam blocking to whitelist both senders and recipients through the first level of spam filtering.  Prior to this time we also had in place whitelisting through our secondary spam filters. So if you have some e-mail address that absolutely must receive every e-mail, please use the following form to notify us.  Whitelisting requests for both senders and recipients can be made through this form:


In all cases, all messages are scanned for virus’s.  Nothing is full proof, we recommend that any computer receiving mail be equipped with virus and malware scanners.  In no case do we guarantee virus proof e-mail.